Individual Short Term Disability Insurance

Individual short term disability insurance plan is one such thing that empowers one to decide his/her future. In fact, falling ill is common. Most people wish for good health. Moreover, they follow a strict diet with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. However, illness occurs uninvited. In case of a mishap or prolong illness, one’s work schedule gets tremendously affected. Moreover, they account for unproductive time and effort. Besides, one loses his/her salary if the leave extends to weeks or months. However, it is possible to plan ahead and save oneself from getting into such troubles.


In fact, short-term disability insurance plans are great insurance plans. Most organizations have adopted such plans for the benefit of their employees as well as to protect their rights. Using individual disability insurance, one can ascertain an assured amount of income during period of absence from work. The plan allows one to earn a specific sum during his/her sickness. The money received is of great help to employees, who are ailing from prolonged illness. Besides, STD plans benefit one’s family. It allows one to continue earning for his/her family regardless of the number of leaves taken.


Following are some of the STD plan benefits summarized in brief:

  • Fixed Wage Benefits: One can choose individual short term disability insurance plan, which assures for a minimum percentage of wages that one becomes entitled to receive even during absence from work. This is easy to understand, as planned efforts bring great returns in times of need. In fact, certain STD plans allow one to reap benefits such as 45% to 65% over one’s monthly income. That is using STD plans, one can earn a minimum of 45% to 65% of his/her monthly salary. This is quite beneficial, as this money acts like a support when one falls ill and is not able to work.
  • Leave Protection: STD plans get active soon after one applies for leave. In case of an emergency, one does not require to go through the application procedures to activate the policy. Most short term disability insurance plans are flexible in this regards. However, if it was for a usual sick leave or general medical case, then one does not require taking immediate STD plan support. Most companies allow a slab of few business days before activating the plan. In fact, it is for the employee’s convenience, as early activation of plan may cause one to deprive from his/her promised SL (Sick Leaves) that every company allots for its employees.
  • Help to Repay: Further, it saves one from taking heavy loans. Most people opt for taking heavy loans after taking two or more months of leave from their jobs. This affects their finances severely. Besides, most of the money taken from loans goes into treatment and other expenses. However, with individual short term disability insurance plan, there is no need to take heavy loans. You can take care of most of your expenses from the fixed salary that you will obtain under this plan. Thus, one can save from the hassles of loans.
  • Peace of Mind: Most money related matters generate stress, which in turn could affect one’s health greatly. It is ideal to stay away from stress to recover in a better and faster way. STD plans help buy one a peace of mind to recover. It helps in solving all money related troubles, as one can continue to settle his/her inventories just as he/she might have done prior to leaves. Thus, and one can recover in peace.

Individual short term disability insurance plans come in different varieties. They differ in terms of period of leaves, percentage of income during the leaves, premiums and pays as well as coverage. To get the life insurance for senior citizens, you can take help of an insurance agent’s advice before choosing a plan, as it helps to tab the right plan.

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